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Tools and Techniques of Life Insurance Planning (Tools & Techniques)

Discover proven methods for determining a client s life insurance needs and close more sales than ever before with the helpful hints throughout. Unique charts, checklists, and real-world examples help immediately apply skills and identify the impact of new regulations on existing paradigms. Tools & Techniques of Life Insurance Planning features extensive coverage of 10 policy types with quick comparisons.
4th Edition offers expanded reviews of the latest:

Life settlements & insurable interest
Assets held by variable life insurance or variable annuities
Income & transfer tax consequences of life insurance
Variable annuities versus mutual funds
New split dollar regulations for old & new arrangements
always matching product to problem with revised formulas, worksheets and rules of thumb!
Guides through the process of evaluating existing life insurance plans and formulating new strategies. Provides a comprehensive introduction and focuses on substantive discussions and applications of each plan. Some techniques examined: buy-sell agreements; charitable planning; death benefit only plans; qualified/nonqualified plans; IRC Section 162 plans; key employee life insurance; roles of revocable and irrevocable trusts.

Authors simplify by defining Tools & Techniques; indicating when to use; analyzing advantages/disadvantages; identifying tax implications; addressing alternatives; calculating fees or other acquisition costs involved; selecting best client-based plans. The appendices consist of technical explanations of: generation skipping transfer taxation; treatment of modified endowment contracts and IRC Section 1035 exchanges; benefits income taxation; transfer for value rule.

Newly Revised delivering sweeping changes from COLI Best Practices Act of 2006, PPA of 2006, and TIPRA of 2006. Life Insurance, PACE, and CFP® CE Filed.

Chapters to feature: the top 12

How to Estimate the Insurance Need
Legal Aspects of Life Insurance
Variable and Variable Universal Life
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Key Employee Life Insurance
Accelerated Death Benefits and
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Fundamentals of Insurance Planning

3rd edition.

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Trusting Yourself: How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers to Reaching Your Potential Selling Life Insurance, Investments and Financial Planning

This book is a formula for succeeding in the financial services industry by "being yourself" and "trusting your instincts." What this books gives you:
- How to get "on a roll" and stay there.
- A simple workable formula to reach your untapped potential.
- Effective strategies for getting out of a slump.
-Proven methods for gaining more personal satisfaction and self-fulfillment from your work.
Also insights on how to:
- Increase your consistency and reduce "down periods." Accomplish more in less time.
- Make more of the right decisions by trusting your intuitive instincts.
- Feel a greater commitment and belief in your ability to achieve bigger goals.
- Increase your personal presence so people want to work with you.Identify more clearly what motivates you.
Working with Sid has so promoted my strengths that I have doubled and redoubled my productivity. Now this technology is in writing for you "trust yourself." --Richard L. Hartmann, JD, CLU, ChFC, Englewood, Colorado

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Live Your Life Insurance: An Age-Old Approach Revitalized

"Live Your Life Insurance" shows you exactly how you can take advantage of one of the most common, but misunderstood, financial tools. In it, you'll discover exactly how you can use your life insurance to benefit you while you are alive -- and help you build financial security. In addition, it will reveal ways to make the best of your policy no matter what age you are. Most people don't realize what a powerful tool they have in their life insurance policies -- this book will be your guide.
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JK Lasser's New Rules for Estate and Tax Planning

A complete guide to planning an estate under today's tax rules When it comes to an estate (no matter how big or small it may be) nothing should be left to chance. Proper planning is necessary to protect both your assets and your heirs. Estate Planning Law Specialists Harold Apolinsky and Craig Stephens and expert financial planner Stewart Welch III know this better than anyone else, and in the revised and updated edition of J.K. Lasser's New Rules for Estate and Tax Planning, they offer valuable advice and solid strategies to help you plan your estate under today's tax rules as well as preserve your wealth. Packed with up-to-the-minute facts, this practical resource covers a wealth of important issues. Reveals how new legislation will impact inheritances and trusts and offers guidance for estate and generation-skipping tax planning Explains the role of wills, executors, and trusts and shows how to treat charitable contributions Outlines the do's and don'ts of gifting and explains life insurance and retirement planning Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this book will show how to efficiently arrange your estate today so that you can leave more to those you care about tomorrow.

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Protect Your Estate: Definitive Strategies for Estate and Wealth Planning from the Leading Experts

Estate planning is more important than ever, and it's no longer just for the very rich. Today's "middle-class millionaires"­­created by the booming stock and real estate markets­­have more assets than they ever believed possible. That unexpected wealth brings with it new concerns about how to protect their money and their heirs. A best-seller in its first edition, this book shows anyone how to implement estate planning into a long-range financial plan. It includes the latest on: Disability planning Living trusts; asset protection through long-term planning Family limited partnerships Written by two noted tax attorneys who have revolutionized the estate-planning process with their techniques, Protect Your Estate, Second Edition, enables readers to understand the newest changes in the tax laws and turn them to their own advantage.

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